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Corey Wilcox is an amazing artist. Cory did a wrap for our business van. An excellent job was done quickly. Corey answered all our questions and added comments that were to our benefit. Definitely recommending Corey and Tek Wrap!

Mitch Arnold

Owner, Always Clean

Tek Wrap is Awesome! Corey does a great job. He listens to you about what you are looking for. Top of the line equipment. Great workmanship. He has a great work ethic. A real good and trustworthy person. He has done a few jobs for me. I will keep going back to him. I also highly recommend him. You won’t be sorry
JF Rault

I have been doing business with, TekWrap for a couple of years now. Corey has always been able to exceed my expectations from the concept phase to the completion phase on all my demanding projects. It truly takes an artist to create and design a unique piece and take it from your imagination to a tangible item.
Clay Connely

Owner, AZ Wholesale Water

Here at Tek Wrap® we pride ourselves on providing our clients with a high-quality product that will last for years. From the initial meeting to the finished product, you can count on us to provide great service, competitive prices, and the best materials on the market today. We stay in touch with leading technologies in wide format printing, so you can rest assured that you will get the best product available. Welcome to the Tek Wrap® family!


What is a Vehicle Wrap?
A wrap is a large vinyl decal. It is applied directly over the original paint of the vehicle. The application of the wrap allows you to change the car’s appearance in a very short period of time and in turn allows you to remove the wrap, returning the vehicle back to its original condition. As an alternative to paint, it is not only more cost effective, but will provide more pop, detail and impact than paint can even come close to. Whether you are a large corporation, advertising for a weekend, a company advertising your business for a few years or an individual that has a custom wrap created for your daily driver. A Tek Wrap® Wrap will get you noticed!

The High Performance vinyl used for a Tek Wrap® Wrap requires properly prepared surfaces to promote adhesion. On many vehicles, we will encounter painted surfaces that may not be conducive for necessary adhesion and durability of the materials, such as door handles, hinges, textured surfaces, emblems, rubber, moldings, weather-stripping, sliding windows, exhaust areas and some extreme convex and compound curves. There are techniques for handling some of those areas, such as providing overlays, patches, relief cuts and taking these areas of concern into consideration during the design phase prior to printing. The practice of using these techniques for blending and coverage makes those areas difficult or impossible to see from 5-10 feet away. It is important that you understand a Wrap does not provide for covering 100% of the vehicle, as some areas are not conducive to vinyl at all such as cracks, expansion joints and seams. The material manufacturers recommend a gap in these areas to prevent material failure and insure correct adhesion. The materials used by Tek Wrap® are of the highest quality and have provisions designed for outdoor use, such as the utilization of latex inks and laminates with UV properties, to help prevent fading and cracking over time. The durability of these materials can range from 1 to 5 years depending upon the climate and your care of the wrap.

How much protection do you need?
Tek Wrap® can offer a corporate look, custom look or the wildest idea you can come up with, we also offer you warranted protection. Tek Wrap® uses Avery Graphics™ DOL1360 3D Gloss Laminate for a high-gloss, off-the-showroom shine. For additional protection, we suggest using 303 Vinyl protectant. You can purchase this item at West Marine, 1517 Industrial Blvd. Avoid using waxes containing Teflon. But most vehicle waxes work just fine and will help your wrap last!
How does it look?
If you have to touch it to see how we did it, we did a good job! It looks as good or better than a brand new car and it stays that way for up to 5 full years. One delivery van can offer more than 18 million visual impressions per year. Now you know why everyone is looking at you!
What else can you do?
Just imagine your logo or identity everywhere. Trucks, trailers, banners, and buildings can all have the same corporate or graphic look to represent you or your product beer than your competitors! It’s about presence, standing out in the crowd and getting noticed. It sells, supports and promotes to everyone who sees it.
How long does the custom process take?
In most cases from 10-20 days.
Will the material damage my paint?
Tek Wrap® uses only the finest High Performance Vinyl. Avery Graphics material is designed to be removed without damaging the paint. However, you may want to be careful if you have an aftermarket, non-OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) paint job. For further details See Avery Graphics, Avery Application-Document: IB410, which we can provide to you.
How long does it take for installation of a Tek Wrap® Wrap?
The application process in many cases takes no longer than one to three days for a full wrap and partial can be done within hours.
How much does a wrap cost?
Great question! Information from you is the key to a proper estimate! Generally, the cost for a partial can run from $500 – $3500. A full wrap can run from $2400-$5500.
What is the cost (4 parts)
1.Design Time: This is the number that is variable as most clients want custom design and this requires very specialized attention to detail. The average design can take as little as 5 hours. Some of our most complicated can take 40 hours, and the average is 10 hours.

2. Materials: This number is predicated upon the amount of gross square footage needed to accomplish virtually seamless coverage of the intended area of the wrap. It includes the cost of the vinyl, lamination and ink used.

3. Set-Up & Install: This number includes the time to set up a file for print and the time it takes to install the wrap.

4. Contour Cut (plotter). This fee occurs when the graphics need to be precision-cut to follow body panels. A partial Tek Wrap® Wrap would be an example that has a plotter fee.

What is the resolution of a Tek Wrap® print?
A minimum of 72 dpi at 100% scale.
I want a photo/image integrated into the design what size does the photo need to be?
For the minimum acceptable quality in print the photo needs to be 72 DPI at full size.
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Side x Side & Watercraft Wraps

Side x Side & Watercraft Wraps

So you have this awesome machine that you love to show off. Problem is, it looks like everyone elses ride. You have been considering a wrap, but are unsure on where to start. Tek Wrap will gladly help out! With our 17 years experience we can design a custom wrap that is not only one of a kind, but produced on the highest quality vinyl available and installed with extreme care and pride. With a variety of coverage and material options, we can come up with a look and price that can appeal to anyone! Unlike a many decal kits you can buy online, our wraps have minimal seams and are printed on vinyl with a much longer life expectancy. Your wrap will look like paint, not a kit. If you want a kit to save some money, we can do that too!

There are 3 main parts to the cost of a great wrap. Design, Material (type & square footage), and installation.

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The majority of our services are customized. Because each project is different and unique, it is difficult to provide an accurate quote without seeing the vehicle in person. Please bring in your car so we can go over the different options and present you with a precise estimate.

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